Maintaining a lab environment for basic application testing can be a costly activity. We need to pay for physical space, server currency and management personnel. With CloudSlice we can dramatically reduce costs by moving basic sandbox infrastructure directly to the cloud and making it accessible to all our employees. 

Reduce costs with Virtual Lab environments

Problem CloudSlice solution
  • Ongoing maintenance costs for both the lab hardware and software.
  • Challenges and costs in procuring Windows licenses.
  • Access challenges, especially as new employees join the company.
  • Difficulties in scaling upwards as service demand increases.
  • High overall maintainence and usage costs.
  • An almost limitless supply of machines of various hardware and software configurations.
  • Hardware and software currency is maintained for you.
  • A virtual environment that is accessible by anyone with an internet connection.
  • Policy controls restrict the size and type of machines available in your lab environment.
  • Cost constrols ensure you never get virtual sprawl in the cloud ($$$).
  • Secure cloud access for all employees in your company.

Solutions by role

Role How we help
Sales Increase sales with demos, evaluations and POCs that you can share.
Training Deploy on-demand training and certification environments.
IT operations    Reduce costs with test and sandbox environments in the cloud.


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