Your service is brilliant in its simplicity and utility. I especially like how you've integrated Amazon Machine Images with The Cloud Market. J. Murgia, CEO, Cloud Controllers. 

How it works

CloudSlice allows a business to easily manage and share virtual machines stored in the Amazon EC2 cloud. We have a unique technology that can be used to increase product sales or reduce the costs of your in-house infrastructure.

Using CloudSlice is easy, even for those new to cloud computing:

  • Create
    Install and configure your application in the cloud, to create an environment that is fully-functional and ready to be handed over to a prospective customer.
  • Snapshot
    Take a snapshot to persist the machine image to disk. Your application environment is now stored and available for sharing.
  • Share
    Share your application just by sending an email. Machines are sent as hyperlinks in an email, and will only be launched when the customer chooses to start their testing by clicking the link.

Solutions by role

Role How we help
Sales Increase sales with demos, evaluations and POCs that you can share.
Training Deploy on-demand training and certification environments.
IT operations    Reduce costs with test and sandbox environments in the cloud.


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