Share the cloud

Create demo, evaluation and training environments that are stored in the cloud and can be easily shared with anyone.

CloudSlice allows you to create a:
Self-service environment, so that your staff can easily create and distribute applications stored in the cloud.
Policy controlled cloud, where each virtual server is issued based on the size, type and lease duration restrictions that you specify.
Sharable cloud, where you can give your peers, customers and business partners access to cloud-based environments simply by sending an email.

It takes 2 minutes to get started.

Benefits of CloudSlice

Virtual Labs

Share cloud-based environments that are fully accessible, secure and dedicated to each individual user.
  • Share machines by email
    Distribute product evaluations, training systems or test machines simply by sending an email. Users will get direct access to a dedicated virtual machine that is leased out on a time period that you define.
  • Save costs on building your own lab environment
    Utilize the low cost cloud for your infrastructure. Avoid the need to build, manage and secure an on-premise lab.
  • Enable complete and unrestricted access
    Give hands-on experience with machines that are independent and dedicated to each one of your users.
  • It just works!
    Share machine images that are provisioned with the configuration, computing power and resources that your software actually needs to run. Machines are cloned directly from your pre-configured snapshots, ready to start up and function in exactly the way you want.


CloudSlice uses Amazon EC2 for provisioning of our virtual servers. By using Amazon EC2 we can offer an almost infinite amount of computing resources, yet allow you to take advantage of the low costs offered by a major cloud computing vendor.